Play Dead Trigger 2 On Facebook (Step-by-Step)

Probably you have never thought about the dead trigger 2 facebook, that you guys will get a chance to play this game on facebook too. The dead trigger 2 was released for android and ios on oct,23,2013 and in a short time, it became viral on the internet. But it required advanced devices, So the developers decided to develop this game’s latest version that can also be played on facebook.

dead trigger 2 facebook

As you know that dead trigger is the first person horror shooting game in which you have to kill all the zombies without getting killed, weapons are very advanced in it you just have to play the dead trigger 2 facebooks to earn the money and gold and with that gold and money you can buy new weapons and upgrade them as well.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Play Dead Trigger 2 Facebook

  • Step 1: First you have to login into your Facebook account but if you don’t have a facebook account then you have to create a new account.

Dead Trigger 2 Facebook

  • Step 2: After login to your account simply type dead trigger 2 in the search bar on the top and click the game application, it will start loading or you can get to the application by clicking the button provided below.

Dead Trigger 2 Facebook

  • Step 3: When the game is fully loaded you will see the start screen of the game with a play button on it, click the play button and start playing dead trigger 2 online on facebook.

Dead Trigger 2 Facebook

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Final Words

The game is updated typically and is ready up in arcade format. you need to shoot and kill the zombies so as to save lots of humanity and keep the globe from being overrun by the undead. In this Dead Trigger 2 guide have covered the step by step means on a way to play the game on Facebook for free of charge.

Download Dead Trigger 2 for PC and Mac 2021

The craze of Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk is now spreading worldwide, games are more fun with big screen and loudspeakers. That’s why Dead Trigger 2 was also launched for PC & MAC. If you are looking for Dead Trigger 2 For Pc and Mac then you are at the right place, on our website you will find the step by step guide on How To Play Dead Trigger 2 On Pc and Mac.

Dead Trigger 2 for PC and mac

Download Dead Trigger 2 For PC & Mac

Microsoft platform allows you to play Dead Trigger 2 any time on windows xp/7/8/8.1/10 or on mac/os too. So, you don’t have to worry about it just follow few steps and you are ready to go. First you have to login to Microsoft with you account then simply search for Dead Trigger Game they will provide you a code, redeem the code after that just install it and enjoy, or you can just click the link below and directly download it.

How To Play Dead Trigger 2: First Person Zombie Shooter Games On Pc/Windows/Mac

The steps for Dead Trigger 2 for Laptop/Pc/Mac are described below, We have tried our best to provide the best details on Dead Trigger, That’s why you can get all the instructions about Dead Trigger on this site.

  • Step 1 : First you have to download a software named Bluestack from this link.

Dead Trigger 2 for PC and Mac

  • Step 2 : When you have successfully downloaded the offline installer then simply install it on your PC/MAC.

Dead Trigger 2 for PC and MAC

  • Step 3 : Finely when you have installed the software on you pc, you will see a icon of this application on you desktop run/open it.

Dead Trigger 2 for PC and MAC

  • Step 4 : Once the bluestack is launched you have to connect your google account with same as we do for the playstore on our android device.

Dead Trigger 2 for PC and MAC

  • Step 5 : Now search for the Dead trigger 2 game on the play store and enjoy playing it on your computer.

Dead Trigger 2 for PC and MAC

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Gameplay Of Dead Trigger 2 God Mod Apk

The Dead Trigger 2 Apk could be a first-person shooting game. During a zombie apocalypse and these zombies all around that are your enemies. you’re the first character who is selected for killing them which is, however, you’ll pass the mission and create progress among the game levels.

However, the notable side is that the sport runs online that is why you don’t get to worry regarding saving your progress. all of your gameplay would be captured on and you’ll be ready to begin from wherever you have got left.

You can transfer Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk from the google play store however if you’re searching for the Dead Trigger 2 Apk Mod, you’ll get the file from the web.

Compatible Devices List That Can Play Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money Gold & Ammo

Windows XP Mac OS Sierra
Windows Vista Mac OS High Sierra
Windows 7 OS X 10.10
Windows 8 OS X 10.11
Windows 10 N/A

How To Play Dead Trigger 2 Offline

If you want to play dead trigger offline then first you have to open the game while you are connected to your wifi once, the game is fully loaded then you can turn off your internet connection. But if you play Dead Trigger 2 Hack in offline mode then you will not be able to save your score or your earned money and gold you have to reconnect your device with your wifi to upload the scores.

Final Words

Dead Trigger 2 provides a novel map that has ten regions, on the brink of forty distinctive environments and has over thirty five completely different weapons that are increasing with every updated game. you’re the king as you have got to chance to kill the zombies with any special weapon you prefer the foremost. you’ll be able to either kill them savagely or one bullet to the pinnacle would be enough. Do note that Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk Download is competing online you don’t need to worry regarding saving the progress you have got created within the game, it will be automatically saved.

Dead Trigger 2 Hack Latest Version 2021 (Unlimited Gold & Ammo) Unlocked

We are living in a world where every 2nd person is a game lover, therefore programmers are developing new games every day but all the games are not liked by every person. Some people like to play arcade games but most of the people like to play shooting games, shooting games are more fun when it has a touch of evil zombies that combination makes the game look horror and add more fun in it. A large number of gamers are attracted to this type of games. Therefore, the programmers invented the best zombie killing game and named it Dead Trigger, after the success of the first version the next version named Dead Trigger 2 hack showed up in the android market. The developers took the Dead Trigger 2 to a whole next level and made it the best RPG of all times.

Dead Trigger 2 HAck


Dead Trigger 2 Hack For Android

Android devices are known to be the best for playing games because it is very easy to find cheats and crack the games in android devices. Dead Trigger 2 Hack for android came first from the other operating systems. It is the next level game so the developers made many changes in it the zombie bosses are very brutal the area is different, you have to survive at your own. But this dead trigger 2 cheat apk allows you to win the game without worrying about reload or ammo, you have unlimited gold to unlock any weapon you want to choose and kill the evil zombies with. Unlimited gold and money make this game more interesting.

As we know the Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk is a first-person shooting game, and it allows you to choose the different paths its on you which path you choose every road leads you to different sights and different zombie attacking positions, therefore, you have to stay alert all the time.

Dead Trigger 2 For Android Features

  • Prizes/Tournaments: You can follow the sport all day long before you enter the tournaments wherever you’ll contend with different people and every one of you’ll be fighting for the prizes. The dead trigger 2 Hack features a new tournament each week and every of the competition comes with varied rules too.
  • Multi-User Mode: It allows you to play the game online and offline with the same feature, it adds more fun when you can play it with your friends means your both can log in to this game in the same level from different devices and can watch each other back and protect each from any kind of threats.
  • Advanced Graphics: Dead trigger 2 Modified game allows you to enjoy advanced graphics so you can watch everything crystal clear, there are no low-level graphics added to this game they just made it perfect.
  • Sounds: Sounds effects of this game are very awesome if you are using headphones while playing this dead trigger 2 mod apk unlimited money and gold version you are going to feel like everything is happening around you, and it will make you more addict to this game.

Requirements For Android

Android version 4.0.3 can run this game the latest versions are recommended for the best gameplay, better graphics, sound effects and game speed etc;

 Minimum Recommended
Resolution (320×480) Resolution (1280×720)
Single-core Quard-core
RAM(512mb) RAM(1gb)

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How To Download/Install Dead Trigger 2 Hack For Android

The download process of Dead Trigger 2 Hack apk is very simple, you can simply click below on the download button for downloading the Dead trigger mod apk, You can also follow our Below step by step Guide 🙂

Name Dead Trigger APK
Version Latest version 2019
Size 28 MB + 482 MB with OBB
Rating 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (9 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)
Google Play Google Play
  • If you’re inquisitive about downloading the mod version, make certain that you just don’t have the other dead trigger game on your phone. If you’ve got already downloaded one from play store, uninstall it.
  • Download the dead trigger 2 hack apk file from our website. Modify installation from unknown sources in your android device by getting to the safety settings as you faucet on the settings icon and modify the choice of the unknown source.

Unknown Sources

  • Now, move to the folder wherever you’ve got downloaded the apk file for dead trigger mod apk and install it. you can install it simply as we install others app on our smartphone. Just click on the Install Button and Done 😉

Dead Trigger Installation Process


  • Many people claim that they don’t get the mod version once they install the sport. it’s as a result of they don’t get the OBB file. Once you’re through with the installation, don’t open the sport.
  • Make certain that you just transfer the dead trigger 2 cracked OBB file together with the apk version and once you’re through with the installation of the sport, copy the OBB folder and place it within the internal storage/android/OBB.  You can also use Es File Explorer for copy the OBB file in the folder, it’s a very user friendly app for the smartphone.

Dead Trigger Mod For IOS

If you are looking for the best place to download dead trigger 2 hack for your ios device then you are at the right place. You can download it directly from the app store of your iphone but if you want to download dead trigger 2 unblocked version then I recommend you to download it from the link that is provided on this site. Ios device users can also enjoy the same features and cheats that are provided to the android users. As we know ios is a big platform therefore, this game is more advanced in it , these devices are fast working so the enjoyment is doubled in it. Madfinger has invented the best game ever.

Dead Trigger Hack For IOS Features

The features of this game makes this game very addictive like the suddenly attack of thirsty zombies at the player, before making the choice what to do the game is finished. All the arenas are surrounded by the evil and horror zombies they have a bad face that can frighten you. The features of this game can fulfill the requirements of the gamers that’s why I recommend it to you guys.

  • Reload: You don’t have to reload your weapons again n again. Your guns will be auto reloaded that is why this modified version is very catchy to the gamers because they don’t want to waste their time on reloading in the mean time they can kill some more targets and get rewards as gold and ammo.
  • Upgrade: As we have mentioned above in this modified version you will have unlimited gold, so you can exchange your gold to get some amazing upgrades like gun magnification scope, your armor, new and cool getups etc.
  • violent weapons: The weapons in this game are very advanced and very brutal for example Rifles, Pistols, Submachine Guns, Light Machine guns, Shotguns and jigsaw.
  • Rewards: You will get rewards every day, with every kill you will also get rewards in shape of gold, money or coins you can use these thing to buy more ammo or weapons.

Requirements For IOS

SUPPORTS each DEVICE WITH IOS seven AND higher is recommended.

Sometimes you’ll notice downside with performance on older devices with slowly 512MB RAM (like iPhone four, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPod bit 5). If this happens please strive restart your device and switch off any applications that will run within the background.

Minimum free space in device memory (before installation): 1.5GB

How To Download/Install Dead Trigger 2 Hack in IOS Without Jailbreak

First of all please click on the below URL to Download the Complete Dead trigger 2 mod for IOS, Then Follow my Below Step by Step Guide, Thanks!

Click Here

  • Download and open the original dead trigger 2 mod from the app store then close it from the multitask section.
  • Transfer the Copy file ‘[ enter ios file name ]/mobile/applications/DEAD TRIGGER/Library/Preferences.
  • Overwrite the original dead trigger game downloaded from app store.

Final Words

If you like this post then please also share it with your friends on Social Media, But if you’ll face any issue during the installation of this apk, you can feel free to ask your question on the comment section below 🙂 We’ll try our best to help out you, Thanks!